Take back Your control, Your confidence, Your composure!
If you suffer from bladder weakness, you're not alone! Millions of women around the world of all ages suffer from stress incontinence.
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About Contiform

What does Contiform do?
It stops leaking by supporting the urethra and restoring the bodies natural anatomy.

Contiform is made of a soft flexible material and is shaped like a large hollow tampon which is inserted into the vagina just like you would a tampon.
Is is a revolutionary product for incontinence that is worn discreetly and comfortably inside the vagina. It can provide immediate relief and helps prevent bladder weakness. With regular use it can work in harmony with conventional pelvic floor exercise, to bring about long term improvement in muscle tone. Contiform comes in three sizes, because every woman is different and it has a life cycle of 30 days.

The Starter pack contains all 3 sizes (small, medium and large), a removal ribbon and a tutorial DVD. Try the medium size first. Once inserted it should feel comfortable and prevent leakage. If it doesn't feel comfortable or you have difficulty emptying your bladder when you are wearing it, you will need to swap to the smaller size. Alternatively, if the Medium is comfortable but you find that you're still leaking you will need to swap to the large size. Please do not throw away the two devices that you currently don't need, as you may require them in the future - due to hormonal and other reasons you may need a different size.

When can I use Contiform?
It is up to you - you can wear it all day, every day, or just when you are exercising.
You can even use it when you have a period, but you won't be able to use a tampon as well.

Start living your life to the full with the help of Contiform. Take back your control, confidence and composure.

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